Evelin Kask is a brand strategist and creative leader with over 10 years of experience. She transforms brands from bland to bold through effective strategic planning and implementation, impactful creativity, and a visionary mindset.



Complex external environments, internal stakeholder interests, and changing customer behaviour are everyday challenges for a brand. We help to map the path to brand excellence and growth.

  • Brand strategy
  • Brand positioning
  • Marketing strategy (incl. content strategy)
  • Customer insight
  • 2.


    Without creativity, your strategy is just another strategy. Through creativity, a brand is able to zig when everyone else zags, being authentic, unconventional and memorable.

    • Creative marketing concepts
    • Campaign planning
    • Copywriting and storyfication



    Sometimes it’s good to have an outsider to stir things up a bit. You might have a strategy in place but want to test the health of the plan, want to have an expert to spar with, or want to inspire your team.

    • Marketing effectiveness audit and report
    • Coaching and training


    Evelin has worked in both advertising and marketing agencies, as well as an entrepreneur. She believes that the most effective partnerships stem from a shared commitment to constantly pushing boundaries and striving for excellence. With a wide network of talent, she is able to curate a desired, best-fitting team for every client need without incurring heavy fixed costs. 

    All marketing is strategic and should support business and brand goals. Evelin approaches brand building through three stages: operational, strategic, and visionary. Successful marketing activities should be designed to support all three stages.

    Visionary brands identify, protect, and nurture their brand core. They are successful in understanding who they are, what value they provide, where they position themselves, what cultural phenomena are relevant to them, and how to engage with their loyal community. Therefore, they are also aligned and consistent at the strategic and operational levels, and drive greater profits.

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