CV (sort of)


I was sixteen when I started to work as a journalist for the Finnish heavy metal magazine INFERNO. My second assignment was to fly to Stockholm to interview legendary Manowar for the cover story. The editor-in-chief didn’t know my age at the time, it only came out later when we tried to get into a club with my headbanger colleagues and I had to be sneaked in.

I studied journalism (Bachelor of Social Sciences) at the University of Tampere (2014) & got into photography. I later graduated as a Master of Arts from Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture. I’ve travelled widely across the world working on my own documentary photography projects on women’s rights and migration. Then I spent a year in Paris observing people sipping their espressos in romantic cafés and studied Liberal Arts in Beaux-Arts de Paris.

After returning to Finland I continued working as a freelance photographer, both in advertising and magazines. I became interested in how great brands, campaigns and stories are built and got into marketing communications, specialising in visual storytelling, copywriting and concept design. I’m passionate about big picture, finding creative solutions and building long-lasting brands based on research and insight. Human behaviour is an inexhaustible interest for me.

I like to collaborate with both brave brands who seek for evolution and thrilling personas who seek for revolution.

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Clients & PPL I’ve worked with: Nelonen, Very Nice, Helsinki Design Week, Mercedes-Benz Prague Fashion Week, Visit Åland, LEEKO, Li Andresson, Paula Koivuniemi, Pasi Rautiainen, Mandatum Life, Leaders’ Insight, Aalto University, Veikkaus X, Terveystalo, Fredrikson, Helsingin Sanomat, Nakid Magazine, REKT, Image, Demi, Pirkka, Apu, Lovia, Sylva ry among others.